My name is Walter Santiago and I am an independent IT and Accounting Consultant and Project Manager. I have a master degree, MBA, with two specializations, one in Professional Accounting and the second in Management of Information Technology Systems and over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, mostly implementing and managing implementation projects. As an independent consultant I mostly do work for small to medium size businesses although I have done some government and big corporate work as well. I am in the process right now of developing a full-fledged website,, which will be geared to service and help the small to medium business community that I market my skills to with any IT and Accounting related issues. I will try to cover and give updates on topics such as:

  • Information and Technology Management, new advances and practices as they affect the gathering and application of business intelligence;
  • Office and Business Automation and Virtualization, including the latest hardware equipment and software applications to help businesses become more efficient overall;
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Tax Laws, as they evolve and affect business day-to-day operations;
  • …and Business and Technology laws, about already established and new federal and state level requirements and mandates as they apply to business compliance with service applications and operation processes.

In my site I will also try to find and propagate any information available about federal, state and local government requests for proposals and about corporate contracting opportunities and programs designed to help the small to medium business community I try to serve. The whole idea of this site is exactly that, to keep the small to medium business community aware and abreast of any information and opportunities to help them grow and prosper.  I would appreciate any input and/or help that anyone out there in the World Wide Web could provide to keep the spirit of cooperation and networking of this site alive and well. From the offset, I would like to discourage spammers and 4 that would want and attempt to use this open forum to trick and deceive people. This is a site to help each other out and do some free networking. I will allow for anyone interested to market their skills and products to post on this blog but not without first reviewing and scrutinizing such posts to make sure that they are first, genuine and related to the main topics and the goal of the site, as explained above, and secondly, devoid of any malfeasances and/or misleading material. I encourage for anyone interested in sharing information that would help the community I am trying to serve to do so. And let’s hope that we can all create a space on where everyone will learn of find something to help each other grow wiser and stronger…

Lastly I would like to let everybody know that I am available for contracting jobs whether be short or long term. As an Accountant I am available to do your taxes and I do home/office visits. Dont let a tax preparer with a six month tax course education do your taxes. Call and I will go to your place sit down with you and give you all the time you deserve to discuss your tax situation, legislations and laws affecting your individual situation and do your taxes with the ultimate goal to minimize your obligations with the government and maximize your return.

I am also available for any type of IT implementation from infracstructure to applications and from preparing the proposal, doing the risk analysis. feasibility and financial analysis to developing the planning and managing/implementing/training and analyzing the results. I will be with you  from beginning to end. Projects that I can do for you include data, audio and video related jobs such as telephony, audiovisual  (corporate and/or entertainment) and survelliance, among others. I will provide end-users training and am available also as an independent training provider and to write and organize your IT related documentation. Finally I am classified as an Expert-Level writer with various blog sites, including WordPress, and I am availble for any writing project needs you may have.


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