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The Republican collusive primaries: An illusion of a campaign

In Politics, Social on February 17, 2012 at 7:19 pm

After listening to Newt Gingrish’s concession speech in Florida, I finally got convinced! The Republicans are not running primaries to select their candidate for president. They are actually running a mock presidential campaign for their already chosen candidate, zillionaire Mitt Romney. The always angry, bullish and sarcastic Gingrish didn’t even bother to mention Romney nor about Romney’s convincing victory. He was sparring listeners of what he knows is the obvious. He is not running against Romney or, for that matter, none one else in these primary campaigns. Nor are the other two dummies candidates left, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum. They all have been running a presidential election campaign with Romney as their chosen appointee. This has been the republican strategy since day one after losing the last presidential election in 2008.  It has been their agenda with every single move… From their every legislative vote in the house and the senate to their mid-term so-called “tea party movement” revolt, all the way to their pre-choreographed illusion of a primary, their main focus all along has been to regain the White House at all cost; and they know that is going to cost them good money to pull such a stunt. So… who better to cover all these costs than the wealthiest of them all?

There is no internal division within the Republican Party between moderated and conservatives; and there are no significant philosophical or political differences among any of the participants of their primary race. They are all cut-off from the exact same mold. Moreover, if we put closed attention to the discussions in the debates we can also conclude that none of the candidates has any substance in term of the issues that they discuss and that are apparently affecting the country. Most of their rhetoric goes into attacking each other and at taking cheap shots at their similarities with president Obama’s agenda. The whole focus is, as always has been, to avenge as a group the loss of power from the 2008 election bid.

Now, knowing their horrible record for when they were in power last, they know that the only way for them to have a chance at defeating the incumbent is by running a smearing campaign against him. However, there is no much material out there to do such. Most of the criticisms that they have been able to put together have to do with the rather tempered economic recovery the country has been experiencing. A recovery that the republicans know that we, the American voters, know in our hearts, it was triggered by the horrendous decisions they did make while in power four years ago. It is a slow recovery, as we can obviously see, because the mess they left behind was that big.

Nonetheless, the country is being systematically brought back into shape; and one big problem the republicans are facing is that right now, at this very moment of an election year is when the economy is starting to look very good. After only three years of implementation, the Obama administration has finally started to right a ship that was certainly heading to utter disaster. And remember, the main issues for the republicans in 2008, the apparent inexperience of Mr. Obama with foreign affairs and national security matters? Well… it happens to be that it has been in these two areas where Obama has shown to be at his best.  So what is left to criticize, the deficit? Are we are to believe that all those trillions of billions of dollars were allocated and expended by this administration alone in the last 3 years? Not even the dumbest of the dumb could or would believe such a suggestion.

So, how the republicans can convince the country to put them back in power? Well, of course there always was the option to do what was right for the country and to show some guts through their congressional work and try to create and pass legislations that would help even more the nation recovery. However, that would have been misunderstood or misconstrued as coming from a strong leadership by the incumbent Commander in Chief and they could not take such a chance. After all, their agenda from day one, as I said earlier, it has only been to regain the White House, not to fix the problems facing the nation. So, what is plan B then? What is the alternative? How can they try to dethroned and regain power? Well, desperate circumstances call for desperate measures and my argument is that they all have been trying to do such since day one after election year 2008 by shamelessly forming an ongoing collusion from within their own party. I call it an ongoing collusive effort because no matter what the issues are or how high or low the stakes are, the obvious has become to be, well, too obvious. Everything the members of this party do have a single-minded goal, and that is to make our president look bad. Why I call it shameless? It is because they do not deny it, and they love to brag about it. This new generation of republicans thinks so little of the overall moral values of our country that they do not care to expose themselves for what they have been doing all along.  Which is conspiring to usurp the presidency for their own party gain, no matter the consequences or how wrong or how stupid their actions to do so may look or be.

Never has been such a precedent in American politics before. This is unique to this generation of politicians breeding up in Washington now and it has gotten worse and worse in the last 10 or so years. They do not care about the country or about us the lowly constituents anymore. All they want is power, unlimited power. No matter if, as voters, we try to distribute wisely the seats among people from different economic or racial backgrounds to try to create a picture more to our liking. The partisanship disease has inflicted and affected both our two major political parties. As an American, I feel ashamed with the status of our democracy. I, as many of my fellow Americans, cannot believe that we are paying all these politician salaries while they expend all their time arguing and fighting between each other. I have one desperate recommendation… more of a call for help. I suggest, that as part of the pledge that all these senators and representatives take when they get appointed into office, that they should not only be mandated to make an allegiance to our flag and our people, but also to the office of the president of the US, whoever that may be. We as a people elect the president in what is considered the fairest of elective process that exist in the World right now. Why not further validate our choice by mandating for all these pawns to pay upmost respect to that person. Let have all the senators and representative pledge that they are going to leave the politicking and political bickering behind up to election years and work in trying to compromised. I know that this sounds like fairy tale story but as I said, desperate situations call for miracle prayers. This is too much. We should also prohibit news organizations to engage on these types of tactics, no politicking on the media but only for election years. That will be the day that we will start to prosper again… as one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all… God help us all.

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