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Politicking in the US

In Politics on December 27, 2011 at 1:25 pm


The political landscape in the USA has taken a drastic change for the dramatic. It has become a continuous day-to-day spectator sport with no season ending on sight. People find themselves involved in constant ranting and fruitless discussions that bring nothing meaningful to the table but just provide fuel for mostly partisan opinionated personal ramblings among the dissenters. Is this a truly productive democratic exercise or just childish and dangerous bickering?


Let’s stop the political bickering…
What is happening to us Americans? It seems that we have gotten involved so much in political squabbling that we cannot stop going down sparring into this cynical chicanery whirlwind of a mad world. It used to be that national elections would run every four years and whoever was elected was left alone to do their job. Nothing political was of a nationwide agenda but only for the local states deciding their local governors and congressional representatives in the middle of the presidential run. Nowadays, right after we elect a president the sore losers from the bereaved side cannot wait to start politicking and baby crying as if the election results have no real meaning for them. Our elected officials are so busy and afraid of sternly conduct the business they were elected for in the first place just trying to fend off the constant barrage of nonsense rubbish coming their way. There are people from other states financing candidates for local races in other that their own states meddling into issues that have nothing to do with them.  People constantly trying to ridicule our elected representatives and using scaring tactics and sleazing gobbledygook rhetoric to try to convince or rather mock the majority of the populace into an “I told you so” mentality of a guilty trip for their voting decision.

Why not leave the elected people alone and let them do their work in peace? That is why every single one of us gets to cast a vote. To elect these representatives so we can go about our business of being good citizens and let them run the country for us. Now we allow and have in Fox-News a national newscast outlet running one-sided political agendas throughout every single day of our lives infusing sarcasms and spouting spurious information for no other reason than to ignite civil unrest and radicalism. We are making a mockery of democracy. The socialist Karl Marx once said that capitalism was its own worst enemy and that it would eventually defeat itself. This infighting of social classes that our two main political parties seem to fuel from is nothing but the dawn of our demise as a nation. Other countries used to look at us with respect and admiration and saw us as a unified nation, indivisible under one flag with a unilateral sense of fairness, righteousness and decency. We were seeing as ambassadors of goodwill, in and abroad, and as a nation determined and destined to advocate for the greatness of its own people and the good people of the world. Now they see us as a bunch of bully sociopaths disassociated from each other and constantly fighting among us for the distribution of the earth wealth. Now we are notorious for our greediness and our indifference and disrespect for human rights. We are seen as a rather divisible easy target for disruption and mayhem. A nation united radiates strength; constant discordance and squabbling convey weakness.

It is time for us to stop feeding of our differences and start focusing on our commonalities. It is time for us to go back to thinking as a group and for the benefit of all and stop being selfish and apathetic to each other. In a strong democracy, suffrage should be the only exercise use to resolve dissent. If out of 100 people, fifty-one make a choice, then that should be the end of the discussion. We let the action of the chosen agenda take its course. Until we get another chance to re-evaluate everything and vote again which in our beloved country means every four years. In the meantime, we must unite in force for the sake of the whole. Neither lamentation from the failed end nor immodesty from the frontrunner shall be tolerated nor supported. Obviously, this should start from the top down, from our top leaders and throughout the rest of the country. As the self-appointed moral leaders of the world, we should lead by example. We should strive to show the composure and dignified stance of one nation unified in our struggle to survive and sustain, not as a bunch of spoiled brats with individual self-serving agendas. Discussing important issues such as the immigration problem in this country is a very healthy democratic endeavor indeed. However, when we start infusing ugliness such as racist remarks and political wrangling into the debate instead of enlighten we scoop ourselves down into a childish rambling that is rather unflattering but mostly shameful and unproductive.


A risk assessment on our current volatile political environment

In Politics on December 27, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Abstract: Partisanship and blinding party-line fanaticism is hurting our political process and making a mockery of our country’s political process among the peer’s power countries of the World. If we do correct our ways, our country will soon become a second or third tier world economy and validate what Karl Marx once predicted, that the greediness and the insanity that would cause to its people is the prime reason of the shortcomings and failures of capitalism as a political system.

I mostly have very liberal views but I tend to be very conservative when expressing and implementing these views. I am one that have been always very pleased with the wisdom of our basic democratic tenet that whatever the majority does vote for and decide, is most likely, what is best for the whole country. I despise partisanship politicking and the notion of party line supremacy. If I feel one candidate to be more qualified than the other, I would rather vote for the more skilled aspirant, disregarding his/her political affiliation, than vote for my party line candidate just because the fact he or she is a member of the party I belong. USA is the best country of the World and it needs, and deserves, to be managed and led by the best possible elected officials we can select, regardless of ours and/or the particular candidate preferable personal political party association. Even if that means for us to have to accept the fact that the winner could and would not always end up being the person representing the party of our liking. This, I believe, should be the proper and only way to suffrage, the way everyone should vote, no for an exclusive party line but for an individual candidate and his particular qualifications.

In the all-American spirit of competitive excellence, a political election campaign utopia should have us striving to afford all the contenders a mutually exclusive leveled-field on where they all can highlight their qualifications, debate on the relevant issues affecting their constituents and present their respective individual plan of action to tackle those issues. That has always being the wholesome idea from the very beginning when our forefathers first created our constitution, a fair democratic contest that would let whomever established to be the best candidate by collecting the most people votes to win. Of course, the other essential component has been facilitating the means for the people to cast their individual votes, hopefully in an intelligent way. Sadly enough, the voting process in the US has somehow become muddied by fanaticism and blinding stupidity. Only by overcoming this problem, we would be able again to become a great country. If things keep going the wayward ways we have been experiencing for the last few decades, I do not see anything but more decay and demarcation of the kind that we have been painfully experiencing. Moreover we will eventually overtaken as the most powerful nation of the world by countries such as China and Brazil as they would keep progressing and become the one setting the trends and getting the accolades and the leaders of the modern World.

The hardliner party partisanships that have been afflicting our political system for the last few decades really make me sick. Unfortunately, nowadays, too many people would always cast their vote under their party line candidate without any regard of who that particular candidate may be. We can in fact put an actual donkey or an elephant as candidates under their respective party electoral ballots lines and you would actually find people that would select these animals over the other party line human counterparts. This is utterly ridiculous but is also painfully true. Moreover, if we keep going this route, the day will come when civil unrest would creeps into the process and quasi-militarism political movements, such as the one experienced by the Germans in the Nazi era, will become commonplace in our nation.  Next will be political genocide and then, inevitably, governance by the majority by force and not by wisdom as it should be. We see this happening all the time all over the World (Bosnia, Sudan, the middle East, Hitler’s Germany, etc). I hope that someday, and in the very near future, that our forthcoming generations of voters would become smart enough to see through this very dangerous tendency and would not let blinding partisanship cloud their better judgment. For our own political sanity and the betterment of our beloved nation, let us pray we all become the best democratic republic of them all again, Amen.

The illusion of a job market

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Abstract: In today’s US job market not only the unemployed needs to struggle to try to find a job but also to try to stay away from misdirecting their efforts toward “ghost” job placement web sites.

It is such a sarcastic job market environment out there nowadays that I am actually seriously thinking of totally changing my job seeking strategy to see if my luck would finally take a turn for the better. I have been in the market for almost a year now; and I have not have any luck following the “right” rules of engagement for job seekers, as defined in every single job placement site in the internet. I always try to do my best to present a polished resume with relevant and pertinent information. I go out of my way to please the interviewers’ scheduling priorities and I am very prompt returning calls and following-up on any request for more information. I am also always on time and thoroughly prepared for my all interviews, quickly following up with elaborated thank you notes that include professional, academic and personal references, copies of pertinent certifications and awards, and even an unofficial transcript for my graduate work. All I get is positive feedbacks about both my thoroughness and my accomplishments but never an offer. I have even taken to do rejection follow-ups letters trying to get pointers and criticisms on what it is that I am doing wrong and/or missing. Most people ignore the latest and the few replies are always within the clichés of either me being over-qualified or not experienced enough with some very specific requirements on the job description. I am going nuts!

I have been even thinking of increasing my debt with the government by going back to school to complete a PhD program. I finished my graduate work just two years ago and got myself into a 30K+ indebt but it has not helped me land a job, even with over 20 years of experience in the same exact field.

Seeing that enhancing my education and following the rules is not giving me results has gotten me into thinking that maybe I am doing it all wrong. My attitude should be the total opposite of what I have been doing. I need to be uncaring, forget about wasting any more money in education and use only one generic resume to apply to any open job that I may find out there, even if it is not in my field of expertise and that I do not know jack about it. I need to return the call of whomever calls me back, (which by the way, 90% are normally agents from job agencies rather than actual employers), whenever I feel like it and make them sweat and wait. If I happen to score an interview (which, again, it would probably be a phone pre-screening session also with a job agency person), I shall be shallow and provide as minimum information as possible and give them the impression that I am all too busy with other prospects’ callers awaiting that I can’t hardly have time for long chatty sessions. Right after the interview is over, I would wait until I receive another inquiry, for a different job, but most likely from the same agency, and I will go through the motion again. Just as to temporarily lift my spirit pretending that they are indeed helping me find a job, of course, they never followed up with me to let me know about what happened with the previous job, but maybe it is too much for me to ask that they remember my name. After all, we Americans without employment are almost in the millions nowadays. Moreover, with the collective job seeking effort being so high, the marketplace for job finding agencies has also increased tenfold.

With today’s job unemployment rate so high and diluted, employers are posting jobs outside their confines just to go through the motions of covering their behinds against any possible legal liability. This is especially true with high-paying posts, jobs starting in the 70Ks and up. Whenever a middle management high paid position is actually available, employers most likely have an idea of whom they want for the position. Even if the particular person they have in mind is under-qualified, they rather give that money to someone familiar, or related to someone already working for the company rather than giving an outsider a chance. Employers are normally OK hiring young talent for low entry-level positions, but they balk at the thought of giving an outsider the big money positions. This has always been the hidden true no matter how the market or the unemployment rate is. In only very especial and specialized circumstances, employers may go outside for these types of opening. What is happening now, with the proliferation of job placement web sites, is that all these “bogus” job announcements are ending up in the list of all of these job agencies; they are getting in the hands, of sales people that make most of their salary through commissions earned for making calls and doing screenings with so-called “potential” candidates. The lie perpetuates and expands throughout the country and everyone makes money out of the misery of the job seekers but job seekers themselves. It is all a scam, a web of deceits to create an illusion of an active job market.

This is indeed, in a nutshell, today’s job market, unfortunately. We actually have more job placement businesses that we have employment opportunities. The business model resembles the real-estate dog-eat-dog marketplace. In real estate business, sales agents from multiple agencies have access to listings of available properties and go into a frenzy trying to find buyers. Whomever get to complete the financial end of the transaction first get the sale while the other are left hung, together with their prospect clients, until another feasible property is listed and the process start all over again. Of course, there are realtors that get exclusive listings; but these are few and they are mostly in the high pricing end of the housing spectrum. Most small real estate houses are in the business of selling ghost properties that can disappear into the hand of another house salesperson in a cinch. The job placement business is, basically, the same but with a caveat. You still have the high rollers agencies with exclusive access to job openings. In this model, either the employer or the job seeker ends up paying for the service. The rest of the industry, which make the bulk of the millions job placement agencies that keep popping-up every day in the internet, get to fight for the all ghost listings they can put their hands on. Basically, a ghost job opening would be post in some database to which bunches of job agencies have access to, and then, the job seekers, become the prey of hungry commission-seekers agents looking to fatten their wallets. The caveat of the business model at this end of the industry is that in reality their main source of income comes from the internet advertising they get from the traffic of all the people visiting their site to find jobs. Therefore, the sales people in these agencies are really paid to increase their respective sites’ traffic. They are also paid to give a false sense that they are actually trying to find people jobs and they do this by acting as screeners and conducting phone interviews apparently to sift through candidates when in reality, these are bogus interviews designed to keep the job seekers hopes high so they would keep coming to the site. This is a very frustrating job searching environment and I am not even talking yet about the real job seeking efforts that we, the unemployed, have to go through when dealing and competing for genuine commercial job openings and state and federal job openings. These two you normally find by visiting corporate websites and government websites directly and they have horrors of their own as well. Maybe on another day I would let you know about my job seeking experiences in those two particular areas. I am about to go back into my daily headache dosage of attaching resumes and screening for ghost job sites. Although I do enjoy writing about my experiences, in my particular case writing does not bring the bread into my house. Is there any offer for writing jobs out there? Maybe I could become your ghostwriter. 😉

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